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Need More Evidence?


Perhaps you have read all the Redpill articles, but you still aren't convinced. You need to see more evidence and research this some more. No problem, my friend! God understands and appreciates your desire to make sure this is really the truth. After all, there are other religions, right? How do you know Jesus is really the Way, the Truth, and the Life as He claims?

Below are some resources. Please burn the calories and put in the effort to truly research. Don’t be lazy, because this affects the life or death of your soul! Of all the religions in the world, there is only one Savior. There is only One who humbled Himself and came to die for our sin. There is only One who resurrected from the dead. His name is Jesus. Allah didn’t do this. Neither did Buddha. Neither did the Hindu gods. There is One whose name is above them all: JESUS.

First:  Pray a very simple prayer: “God, please help me find the truth, whatever it may be.”

Second:  Research!

Online Resources

Reasons for Jesus 

An extensive website of research, articles, and religion comparisons.

Daily Dose of Wisdom

A great YouTube channel that proves God's existence and Christianity using

history, philosophy, science, archaeology, and reason.

Ancient Non-Biblical Evidence for Jesus' Existence

The Case for Christ Documentary (video)


Evidence that Demands a Verdict

by: Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell, PhD

Cold-Case Christianity

by: J. Warner Wallace

The Case for Christ

by: Lee Strobel

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